Our Services

Estimating, Preparing Cost Models and Pricing Tenders.

CCC aims to provide a high degree of cost certainty, advice on budgets throughout the various stages of a project, assess the impact of design decisions to enable the design and construction of a project to be completed within its budget.

We have experience working with small developers, large contractors, architects and blue chip companies providing cost models and estimates on a broad range of building and engineering projects.

Our earlier engagement in the design process and expertise can save you time and money. CCC has access to a wealth of building cost data which combined with practical site experience enables us to provide accurate and timely cost advice.

Whether you need early cost advise from the outset of a project, support through the design process with cost models to keep the design within budget, a one off estimate, or assistance to preparing your next tender, CCC are able to assist.

CCC's estimating capabilities include:

  • Early Cost Advice based on comparative historical cost data.
  • Elemental Cost Planning Services set out in accordance with RICS guidelines and the The New Rules of Measurement.
  • Outline Design estimates based on approximate quantities
  • Detailed estimating for tenders or for tender evaluation purposes, based on detailed bills of quantities, providing a breakdown of labour, plant, materials and subcontractor cost covering preliminaries, direct works and overheads and profit.
  • Value Engineering
  • Whole life costing

Bills of Quantities & Tendering

CCC has experience in building, civil engineering and rail projects making our quantity surveyors experts in measurement. Our bill of quantities can be used as pricing documents for inclusion within Invitations to Tenders, or if you are a contractor to assist you in preparing your next tender submission. Our software allows us to measure directly from drawings. We can present professional Bills of Quantities in numerous formats compatible with various other estimating packages, Microsoft Excel and PDFs.

We can produce Bills of Quantities in accordance with standard methods of measurement including

  • Standard Method of Measurement 7 (SMM7),
  • Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement 3 and 4 (CESMM3 & 4), 3 &
  • New Rules of Measurement (NRM 1 & 2),
  • Railway Method of Measurement (RMM1 & RMM2)
  • Method of Measurement for Highway Works (MMHW).

Procurement  Services

CCC is experienced in Procurement Services. As well as experience in tendering construction projects, we can assist you in the procurement of goods and services. CCC is able to advise on and manage complicated tenders. We are experienced in both Private and Public Section procurement. We are able to advise on and navigate tenders through the EU Procurement Regulations.

With the experience of alternative procurement methods and forms of contract, working closely with our clients to establish business priorities we are able to offer clear advice on procurement strategies, help develop tenderer and award selection criteria that best meets your needs.

CCC are able to manage the whole procurement process in an auditable and transparent manner from the call for competition, establishment of selection and award criteria, prepare pre-tender questionnaires and tender documentation. On your behalf, we are able to issue Invitations to tender, receive and evaluate tender returns. CCC in completing the tender analysis will prepare the evaluation model, provide advice on tender returns. We are able to prepare award reports, make recommendations, issue award notices and prepare contract documents.

Contract Administration, Change Control, Final Accounts & Claims

Good Contract Administration is key to the successful completion of any project and is an important tool to prevent disputes between the parties. However, in construction good contract administration often takes second place to a “can do” or “just get it done” attitude leading to non-compliance to contractual obligations and a lack contemporaneous records of what was actually happening at any given time during the course of the project.

CCC aims to establish good contract administration from the outset of the project. CCC has good knowledge and experience of a wide range of construction contracts. This understanding of where your risks lie under a contract enables CCC to put in place effective contract administration processes necessary to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and the management of risk.

As an integral part of the project team, our quantity surveyors are able to advise on any requirements or obligations under the contract, implement effective contract administration including issuing notices in a timely manner as required under the contract, assessing the value of work completed on site, managing payments, valuing variations and the management of change.

We feel it's important to understand how the work on site is progressing, CCC are able to attend site meetings, report on progress, assess earned value and prepare cost and value reconciliation for maximising operational and financial performance.

Construction project are not without risk even the best-made plans can go astray. Whether you are a contractor presented with unforeseen difficulties or a client presented with a claim for additional payment, site records are so important to establish where liability and entitlement sits. Good Contractor Administration maintains accurate records of site activity, including daily activities logs recording planned activities and achievements, site resources (labour and plant), delay and disruption logs, progress reports, period reports, meeting minutes, programme updates and revisions. Through good contract administration, CCC can help ensure contemporaneous records are maintained and are able to provide advice on and manage claims for delays and disruptions, assess liability, determine costs, aid negotiations on claims and settle final accounts.

Other Commercial Services

Construction projects are renown problems with many projects failing to meet deadlines, cost and quality targets but construction is subject to more risks due to its unique features, such as their long duration, complicated processes, unpredictable environment, financial intensity and dynamic organisational structures.

Risk management is a process to help you identify issues that could have a significant negative impact on your project business, then evaluate and minimise the potential effects of those risks.

Through the identification of risks, strategies can be developed on how best to manage them, whether that is to avoid the risk completely, transfer the risk, mitigate the risk or accept it. Through the understanding of risks and the development of management strategies, CCC are able to advise on the level of exposure a project may have to increased cost and delay and advise of the most appropriate level of contingency to be included within a project's budget.

Whole Life Cost

CCC can help you assess the total cost of ownership over the life of an asset. We can develop whole life cost models giving you the detailed knowledge needed to consider alternative options relating to the design, use and disposal of a building or asset.

As well as considering the financial costs of a project or asset from the initial capital outlay, Whole Life Cost models allow the client to focus on operational and disposal cost of a building or asset. They can assist the client in the development of maintenance and repair regimes, understand the economic life of an asset and its disposal.

In assessing the value of different options relating to a project our Whole Life Cost Models also take account of other perceived benefits such as environmental and social.


If you already have a good product or service then the success of your business is dependent upon good management, sound operational processes and most importantly a motivated and happy workforce making it all gel together. Working with your business Connor Christmas Consulting can make your assets (human or otherwise) more effective, efficient and productive. Our approach is based on the human behaviours that lie behind the whole operation process and are designed to improve the management thereof resulting in lean solutions that benefit all aspects of your business and ultimately its profitability.

From high level seminars where individuals can begin to understand their own behaviours and what drives them, to business process activities CCC can offer a package that best suits you.

We focus on a mixture of current strengths, i.e. what's good about it now, to introducing problem-solving solutions.

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